Your Ultimate Bucket List for the Year 2018: Top Things to Do and Places to Visit

Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Times Square are pretty mainstream destinations when it comes to traveling. But have you ever done or visited one of those?

To do and to visit:

See the Northern Lights in Norway

Northern Norway is amongst the most comfortable and interesting places to see the northern lights, as hundreds of thousands of people live in this huge geographical area. Between late September and late March, it is dark from early afternoon until late morning, thus it is the best time to see the northern lights.

Take a Trip to Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is open year-round, but the peak season is July and August.The most famous way to hike to Machu Picchu is along a section of one of the hundreds of Incan roads built as the empire expanded. Dozens of tour operators offer Inca Trail hikes to Machu Picchu, with varying durations and levels of comfort (though all require camping).

Go Skydiving in Dubai

Step out of a plane at an altitude of almost 4,000 metres and enjoy the rush of the wind.  This is your time to take in the incredible views as you swoop over the Palm Jumeirah towards the landing turf, so you can experience a full-scale immersion of the senses.

Visit Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal is the best-known building in the world and arguably the most beautiful. The architecture is sublime but it is the story that the stones embody that draws seven million visitors each year.

Check out the Grand Canyon Skywalk

This 10-foot-wide, horseshoe-shaped glass bridge extends 70 feet out over the rim of the Canyon. Look down and you can see right through the glass platform 4,000 feet to the floor of the Canyon below. Profiled by the National Geographic Channel, The Today Show, and CNN, this engineering marvel offers unparalleled views of the one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders.

Go on a Safari in Africa

Most safari newcomers are keen to see the Big Five: elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard. But after an initial bush baptism, you might be tempted to stray off the regular tourist trail, sign up for a walking safari, go gorilla tracking, seek out a remote destination, or choose one of the less visited parks such as Kafue in Zambia.

Take an American Road Trip with Friends

Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited and Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider are perhaps the best-known celebrations of the American ideal of freedom as an open road. You can make your own experience out of the journey by planning your route the way you want.

Try Skiing/Snowboarding in Your Bikinis in the Alps

A mix of high-profile winter hangouts, and remote, high-altitude destinations made for the serious skier attract thousands of people from all around the world. It is definitely a must-try experience even if you just started skiing or snowboarding.

Stay at a Water Bungalow in Maldives

Snooze in a floating hammock, watch the sunset from a glass-bottom outdoor bath tub, or paddle in a private infinity pool that seems to flow into the sea. It is a bit expensive but it seems a shame to visit the Maldives and not go the whole hog by splashing out on an overwater villa.

Do Bungee Jumping from Kawarau Bridge in New Zeland

While its 43-metre drop might now be considered light on scares by serial thrill-seekers, the Kawarau’s status as the place where it all began is undisputed. More than 650,000 people have taken the plunge from this historic suspension bridge, with many dipping their heads in the stunning turquoise waters below.

Stay Over in Kakslauttanen Glass Igloo in Finland

Booking a glass igloo at Kakslauttanen through the Northern Lights season is probably the best idea when you travel to Finland. The luxurious resort is in a northern region of the country called Finnish Lapland — 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Sit on the Edge of Trolltunga Cliff in Norway

Trolltunga is situated about 1100 meters above sea level, hovering 700 metres above lake Ringedalsvatnet. The view is simply breathtaking. The hike starts in Skjeggedal and goes through the high mountains, takes 10-12 hours (27,5 km in total to Trolltunga and return) and the ascent is about 1000 meters.

Check out the Caribbean Harmony of the Seas Cruise (or Symphony of the Seas from April 2018)

Harmony of the Seas is boundless with onboard thrills. You can amp up your adrenaline on the tallest slide at sea – the Ultimate Abys, keep the thrills multiplying at the Broadway musical, Grease, savor red-carpet, rustic Italian at Jamie’s Italian, by Jamie Oliver , and much, much more.

Visit Flamingo Beach in Aruba

The place you want to see the famous flamingos is the Renaissance Island, a privately owned island by Renaissance Aruba Resort in Oranjestad. Guests of the Renaissance Aruba Resort have free access to the island, but you can buy a day pass for $100 and visit the island as a non-guest.

Events to attend:

The Carnival of Venice – Venice, Italy

The festival is world famous for its elaborate masks. While many events—particularly the opulent masquerade balls—require invitations and have steep ticket prices, many others, like the candle-lit parade of boats, concerts, and street performances, are free and open to the public. Dates: January 27th – February 13th.

Rio Carnival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a festival held every year before Lent and considered the biggest carnival in the world with 2 million people per day on the streets. Dates: February 9th – 15th.

Coachella – Colorado Desert, California

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. Dates: April 13-15 & April 20-22.

Burning Man – Black Rock Desert, Pershing County, Nevada, U.S.

Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. In this crucible of creativity, all are welcome. Dates: August 26th – September 3rd. 

Paris Fashion Week – Paris, France

Paris Fashion Week is part of the global “Big 4” fashion weeks, the others being London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Due to amount of haute couture veteran brands, the one in Paris is considered to be the best of all of them. Dates: February 27th – March 6th.

Monaco Grand Prix – Monte Carlo, Monaco

The “Race of Monte-Carlo” has been running since 1929. Every year Hollywood celebrities park their Yacht in Monaco’s Marina to watch a breath taking city race. Dates: May 27th 

Cannes Film Festival – Cannes, France

High couture on the red carpet is guaranteed to everyone who is connected to the film industry and is going to attend the festival from May 8th to May 19th.

Vienna New Year’s Concert – Vienna, Austria

Running since 1939, this is the must attend classical music event of the year. Entirely based on Strauss music, this concert has become a tradition for all Europeans, causing extremely high demand for tickets. Dates: NYE 

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) – Mexico

It’s a three-day festival when tens of thousands of people in Mexico dress up to commemorate, celebrate and remember the dead. It starts on October 31st and lasts until November 2nd.

Running of The Bulls – Pamplona, Spain

Chupinazo, which is the opening ceremony is the best time to be there, as you can experience the party behind this tradition. Dates: July 5th – July 15th.

Pingxi Lantern Festival – Taiwan

During the Taiwan Lantern Festival, thousands of sky lanterns light over Pingxi District  in Taiwan. The theme of the main lanterns often corresponds with the zodiac signs of Chinese astrology. Dates: February 11th – 19th.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – New Mexico, USA

The experience of watching hundreds of gentle airy giants take flight is at once humbling and inspiring. It’s the allure of these magical moments and more that have continued to bring ballooning fans worldwide together for over 45 years. Dates: October 6th – 14th.

*Dates might differ every year