Travellers Digest: A Midnight in Mallorca

-Every year I plan a trip somewhere I always hear the same banter “dude have you ever been to Ibizia”. To which I reply – yes I have, and I didn’t like it. Without intending to throw too much shade to a would-be travel hotspot, Ibiza lacked so much character while still having the abundance of “characters”. I missed the deep connectivity that cities in Spain have due to its unique diverse culture while still upholding that “have a good time” wow factor. Ibiza is apart of the most notable trio of Balearic Islands in Spain which includes its siblings Minorca and Mallorca (Majorca). So when I decided to revisit Spain this past month, I gave the islands another go with this time choosing Mallorca over Ibiza. Mallorca is just under an hour flight flight from Barcelona (where I was staying), and the cost of flying ranges from 45 – 65 CAD$ depending on when you go – pretty sweet deal I’d say. My friends and I visited at the end of May when there were less tourists around. Apparently in the later months the island is swamped with tourists from all over Europe and beyond. During our one night stay (yes we flew for one night ok) we snagged a prime Airbnb in the downtown of Palma de Mallorca – the capital city of Mallorca. It was situated right above the shopping district close to all the cute cafes and restaurants. Luckily the apartment was walking distance to the transport hub which made hailing a taxi much easier as I’ve heard chit-chat from locals that public transit on the island is very unorganized. On top of that, using taxis isn’t exactly cheap, especially if you plan is to visit the other parts of the island – like the amazing beaches. We managed to find a beach close enough to Palma but far enough that it justified the distance and the cost. Our beach of choice: Playa Illetas. This beach was… absolutely stunning. From the picturesque view, to the crystal blue waters this beach had it all. Needless to say we spent a hot minute getting our tan on (see what I did there). PS, when you visit Playa Illetas, be sure to grab yourself a pitcher of Sangria from the local bar for you and your friends (or just you) – its only 5 euro. To finish off the day we got all dressed up and visited Il Paradiso, one of the most aesthetically appealing, and best rated restaurant on the island. Il Paradiso not only boasted a stunning decor, but a view to match. The restaurant is situated right on a cliffside overlooking the Mediterranean with lights gleaming from both the city and the moonlight hitting the water. Probably one of the most romantic restaurants I’ve ever been to. All in all, if you are looking for an unforgettable time – visit Mallorca.