Why Wild North Flowers Should Be Your Go-To Florist

Glam up the holidays with a touch of Green

One of Toronto’s fastest growing businesses, Wild North Flowers, has got your fix for this season’s fashionably irresistible floral arrangements. This past weekend we met with Beth Puttkemery, Lead Designer for the business. She walked us through the ins and outs of Wild North’s ingenious method to colour combination, and design. This season, it’s all about the golds, peaches, and whites.

“People tend to use buzz words when they want a certain kind of arrangement” said Beth. Things like boho, urban chic etc. are common requests. “We’re pretty lucky now that we’re able to grow flowers like ranunculus all year round!”. Normally seen as a spring/summer flower, ranunculus has grown to be one of the most popular additions to any top tier arrangement.

Even though Wild North Flowers has been around for a short time, Jennifer Fowlow – Founder of Wild North Flowers – has turned her business into something unique, beyond the generic delivery of most florists in the GTA. Beth explained to us that Jennifer works exclusively with Ontario farmers and really emphasizes the need to promote local businesses. “Everything that you see from the ranunculus to the double tulips have been grown in Ontario”. Wild North Flowers delivers all across the GTA with a promise that your arrangement will be no older than 2 days – giving you optimal freshness.

Beth Puttkemery

Beth explained to us that aside from peaches, and whites being popular this year, spray paint has become huge and trendy for adding additional flare to an arrangement. “After seeing the spray-painted greens that we do, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for them! – gold and copper seem to be people’s go-to, and honestly they make a great accent to any piece”.

Wild North is a fully online business, and really makes strides to connect with their clientele via Instagram and their website. Their online space is easy to navigate, and you get a better sense of what you’re actually getting in terms of quality and overall appeal.

On top of offering quality arrangements, Wild North Flowers offers workshops for the budding (no pun intended) florist – or anyone looking to have some fun with their friends making a special arrangement – that you get to keep!

And if you haven’t seen already, Wild North Flowers had the opportunity to work in partnership with a local artist in Yorkville to install one of the most stunning flower installations we’ve seen. “We’re pretty versatile in our delivery – we would love to work more in the fashion and art space doing more of the installation type things. It really gives us an endless amount of creative freedom to really show that we can do with flowers”

So, whether you are in need for a wedding, new year’s party or fashion showcase – the people from Wild North Flowers should be your one stop shop. With an eye for detail, colour and design we’re sure your holiday parties are going to be the topic on everyone’s minds.

Prices range from $65 – $1000 depending on your arrangement(s)

Workshops you should look out for: Becoming a Florist

Use the code “BeyondFashion10” to get your discount on workshops available at Wild North Flowers (limited time only)

Follow them @wildnorthflowers on Instagram

And their website www.wildnorthflowers.com

The Power Plant Power Ball XIX. Photo by Janet Kwan (@janetkwan)
The Power Plant Power Ball XIX. Photo by Janet Kwan (@janetkwan)