Soho Life: What Does It Take to Become a Soho House Member?

For over a decade, Soho House has been an elite egalitarian place, where celebrities and artistic industry people could hang out without being photographed by paparazzi or asked for an autograph. Since opening of the first Soho House in London (England) in 1995, it’s been a second home and an office to many of those, who strive for privacy and a limited circle of specific crowd of free souls with an unconventional lifestyle. It kind of embodies the idea of cosmopolitanism, where people share same values, artistic philosophy and musical or literary pursuits.

The concept of “exclusivity” makes it so desirable. People think of Soho House as of a place full of celebrities and a glamorous private party 24/7. But this assumption is not quite what it really is. Famous people do appear there but not so often, and usually during film festivals or some events. Most of the time, it is agents, photographers, writers, journalists and city bohemians, joyfully networking, enjoying their meal and drinks, having a business meeting, working on their laptops or just relaxing by the pool with a glass of prosecco. This place makes a great workplace for those lucky ones, who can work remotely. It is like fancy coffee-place you would be sitting at with your laptop, except for that it offers alcohol, great food, and other facilities Starbucks cannot provide you with. The idea behind is to make its members feel surrounded by like-minded community in an aspirational environment and be as comfortable as you are at home. There is no blatant arrogance or flashy pretentiousness – everything is pretty simple, with a warm, cozy atmosphere.

With many affiliated Houses all over the world, the ones in New York, Miami, LA, Chicago, and Toronto (especially during annual TIFF) are notably famous. Each of them has its own personality but one bohemian soul. Today, its popularity has not declined, the waiting list is still long and the criteria have not been softened. Those, who want to get the cherished membership and acquire access to the soho elite, got to have something interesting to bring to the table. It doesn’t depend on how much money you make or what your corporate status is, rather, it requires you to be sociable and creative, whatever this word means to you. Passion for movies, music, art, fashion is essential to have, when you come to a place like this. If you bring public scandals with you, then the chances of you getting in are going down, same as Samantha’s, trying get into the club in that famous episode of “Sex and the city”.
The price you pay for it varies, depending on the house location. So it makes more sense to get an international, rather than a local one, and enjoy its facilities across the globe. Some of them include swimming pools, spa, and rooftop patios – definitely, not your typical workplace.

All in all, this club has a great vibe and there are more than enough perks to try this membership at least once in your life.

P.S. You need two references from existing members of the club

Images Courtesy of Soho House Group