Real Housewife of Toronto Roxy Earle: Empowering People and Building Her Empire

This woman is a true inspiration not only to those people whose body size and shape are not ‘standard’, but also to everyone, who does not feel comfortable in their own skin. She motivates and empowers people to accept themselves the way they are, following her own example. You can see her walking her dog Lola on the streets of Yorkville, eating dinner at STK, drinking cocktails at Los Colibris, having brunch at One – her Instagram is a guide to her favourite places and activities. Being a very friendly and kind person, she will be glad to give her autograph or take a selfie with any fan of hers. This is Roxy. And #HerSizeRox.

Photo by Jonathan Levy of JGucciEnt; Dress: North 42

How has your life changed after the show? What new perspectives your popularity has opened for you?

It has changed a lot in terms of the fact, that now I have all of this army behind me of women and men, all supporting me in everything that I’m doing. And it’s just a crazy experience, it feels powerful and important to have a group of people who would rally for you, and who you represent. So in that way, it has really changed. And a few more people ask me for selfies (laughs).

Does it feel weird when people come up to you on the street?

I think it’s really special, and I love it. I can connect with my fans in all different ways. Social media changed everything. For example, 10 years ago, when someone was on TV, you would never see them, unless you bump into them on the street. Now, people know where I am, know how to connect with me, know the places where I go – all because of social media. And they are clearly excited to see me, and I am excited to meet them. I love it, it’s truly amazing. I feel really grateful that I have this opportunity to connect with people.

Are you planning to pursue a modelling career?

Yes, I’m definitely working on it. There is a lot of opportunities that have come my way. I’m doing it, because I have a love for fashion, and I want designers to feel responsibility to design for women of all sizes. I feel like the more women see diversity in fashion, the more fashion changes. Out of Canadian designers, I love Dsquared2 , Alex Susak, Greta Constantine, Mikael D, and Hendrixroe.

So it looks like you are building an empire with your #MySizeRox clothing line. Can you tell us a bit more about the line?

So #MySizeRox is a movement that I’ve started in response to people continually calling me ‘plus-size’. I was like ‘Why are you calling me like that? I’m not plus-size, I’m MY SIZE’. And my size rocks. So that’s how it started. I just used it as a hashtag and called upon women and men to post pictures where they felt confident and powered. And from then, they have responded to it, so there are tons of photos under that hashtag. And it feels really cool, because they are using it to empower themselves and feel confident. And if I can be a role model for that, then it’s amazing.

You always look like you are on top of all latest trends and styles, is there an outfit or piece you cannot live without?

Oh, that is a really hard question! I love really high waisted jeans and a bodysuit right now, and I always wear flats. I wear slides all the time, when I’m just walking around (because I have to wear heals for events). I have an affinity for Cavalli. So I always have a piece of Cavalli when I’m travelling. It’s just my go-to designer for fabulous. I also have a love for kaftans and I wear them in all cities, when I travel. They pack really easily, and they are just beautiful and flowery.

What is one thing that you would NEVER wear?

I’m not really a mini-skirt girl (laughs). And I always say, ‘Choose one thing – don’t go short on the bottom and short on the top’. Don’t show off everything. I like to keep it sophisticated.

Are there any fashion collaborations planned?

We’ve got some amazing things in progress, and I cannot wait to show it to my fans. We have a lot of interest from some big brands. Who knows, I might do my own thing, I haven’t decided yet. I cannot speak about it now, but when it comes out, I cannot wait to share it with everyone!

Photo by Jonathan Levy of JGucciEnt; Dress: North 42

How often do you hang out with the rest of the ‘housewives’?

I’m really good friends with most of the girls and I talk to them all the time. We go to a lot of events together. We are all involved in this weird process together, so it’s cool to have somebody with experience of it.

You are a really open person who speaks her mind. Was it hard for you to deal with all the polite pretentiousness and lies, when you couldn’t say what you really thought? (except for the last episode).

I totally spoke my mind. The whole season I was being myself. There was no acting for me, it was my life.

During the show, how often were there moments, when you just wanted to punch someone in the face?

I’m not really ‘punch someone in the face’ kind of girl (laughs). It’s not my style. When I decided someone needed to be put in his place, I spoke openly about it, and you saw it on tv.

How would you describe every one of them with just one word for each?

Jenna – sporty, Grego- yummy mommy, Joan – generous, Ann – kind, Kara…..feisty.

How did you meet your husband?

I met my husband through friends, and we fell in love. You know, it was just a beautiful connection. He is definitely my support system, and I am his support system.

What was your life like before marriage? What career did you have?

I had a very successful career in advertising and marketing. I worked all over the world. I lived in London for 4 years, and I loved it. I accomplished things in my career that I’m really proud of. And when I got married and I became a housewife, I did that for a few years, because my family needed that. And now I’m a CEO of my own company and I’m building my own brand.

So you are a designer, a model, a reality tv star, what is next?

Entrepreneurship, being a great wife, friend and daughter. Maybe one day, I’ll be a mom to my own kids. I don’t say ‘no’ to anything and I have no idea what future has for me. Life has weird twists and turns, and I’m open to it.

Photo by Jonathan Levy of JGucciEnt; Dress: North 42


Studio: 9Media Studios
Makeup by Kristina Brakhnova
Hair by Beatriz Llanos
Styled by Wendy Bannerman from North 42 Fashion