Kayla Seah and ‘Not Your Standard’

Kayla Seah is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, who is behind the popular blog called ‘Not Your Standard’. Of Italian-Chinese heritage, she was born in Toronto, and has lived in Berlin and New York.

(Margarita): What inspired you to start a blog?

(Kayla): I went to school for Fashion Communications at Ryerson University in Toronto. One aspect of program was to complete an internship. I decided to move to NY for a Summer to do man internship with Style Like U – an online docu-style publication that visits the closets of people who have a true, original authentic style. This began my interest in combining the fashion world with the online world. After that experience, I worked within the industry, doing various roles to see what area I liked best. Shortly after that, I started my Instagram account and realized I wanted my own creative outlet where I could give my own style advice. And thus, Not Your Standard was born.

How much time do you usually spend on it every day?

There are no set hours that I work with having a blog. With owning your business, work never shuts off. I am always thinking about the blog and what I want to do with the blog next, so it’s always on my mind.  It’s something I really like about the way the blogging world works – no two days are ever the same.

Kayla Seah. Photo by Margarita Menard

What is the best part about it for you?

The best part about blogging is ultimately having creative control and having a lot of the final say with what I am putting out to my followers. Travelling also continues to inspire me and teaches me things I wouldn’t be able to learn in an office. I also think it’s great motivation to change up the atmosphere you work in once and a while.

Are you planning to expand to YouTube?

I have a YouTube channel that I have been doing more with recently. In the New Year, I want to focus more on video because I find it really resonates with my viewers.

Kayla Seah. Photo by Margarita Menard

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would love to expand the Not Your Standard brand into fashion and lifestyle products. Eventually, I would love to take on more people to my team and expand globally. Stay tuned….

What was the most exciting collaboration you have ever had?

Working with Tom Ford was definitely a highlight in 2017. Travelling to Positano to work with the Tom Ford’s beauty line was such a dream and it’s still one of my favourite places I’ve ever been to.

Kayla Seah. Photo by Margarita Menard

Who would you like to work with in the future (brands, celebrities, etc)?

I would love to work with Chloe and Net-A-Porter. In terms of celebrities, I would love to work with Victoria Beckham and her line – she has always been an inspiration for me. Another celeb dream of mine is to cook with Chrissy Teigan!

What advice would you give to people starting their blogs?

Stay authentic and don’t do it for the ‘free things’. Start a blog because you want to share your story and offer something unique to your viewers. Don’t copy, but be inspired.

Kayla Seah. Photo by Margarita Menard

Photography by Margarita Menard 
Location: Love Child Social House
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