Chloe Wilde: “Every Day is a Different Adventure”

Chloe Wilde

ETALK Reporter

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Margarita: You graduated with a degree in psychology with a focus in neuroscience and then started a second degree in nursing, then switched to a completely different field. Why was that and would you ever go back to the medical path?

Chloe: At the time I was working towards a second degree at McGill University – I felt a sense of uncertainty about the path I was on, which was a bit of a shock to my family and professors since I was such an over-achiever in school. But internally I had a desire for change that I couldn’t ignore. And so, in January of 2013 the university was kind enough to allow me to take a leave of absence to get some perspective on what I wanted and how I would get there. It was in this time I came across a commercial that forever changed my life. It was a simple sentence that echoed out of the television, “Do you want to be the next MuchMusic VJ?”… And the answer was simple,  YES!.So I applied!

This wasn’t always the plan, but I’m ridiculously grateful for that day.. I love what I do in this industry and my appreciation and curiosity for science, health and the medical industry has stayed a big part of my core, if one day my two worlds could merge, I would have the ultimate dream job.

What does your regular day at work look like?

 Working in television, and specifically for a show like Etalk, there truly is no such thing as a “regular day” – which is what I love most about this job! Every day is a different adventure. If I’m in Toronto, typically I head straight into make-up to get glammed for the day with one of my go-to artists, Voula Zisis or Nikki Strachan,  then I have a fitting with my stylist Katie Tobin for that day’s shoots, and then I’m off to do an assortment of assignments; interviews with actors/musicians/designers/authors, lifestyle segments in the field with chefs/fitness gurus/fashion designers, sessions in the voice-over booth, filming Etalk on set, production meetings in preparation of what’s to come, etc. If I’m on the road it’s typically in Los Angeles or New York to interview actors about their upcoming movie releases!

Out of all celebrities that you have interviewed, who got you starstruck the most?

Interviewing Chris Hadfield was a pretty cool moment for me. I mean… the man has been to SPACE. And he has a killer moustache.

Have you ever considered a career in acting?

It’s something I have always been curious in exploring, and I think that’s a reflection of my love for psychology. Right now, my focus is hosting but acting is definitely not out of the question!

‘Healthy is hot’ – what is it all about, how did you start it, and what do you want to achieve with it?

Healthy Is Hot  started as a hashtag four years ago when I left my life as a science student at McGill University and found myself travelling across Canada on a reality show called the “MuchMusic VJ Search” in hopes of winning the top prize and landing a coveted role at MuchMusic in downtown Toronto. Being on the road for a month combined with crazy amounts of stress and concerned that I was going to mess up and be sent home threw me on a downward spiral of not eating well. There was a moment where I realized how bad I was being to my body and decided to take back some control – I went to the gym and used the hashtag #healthyishot for the very first time. Fast forward four years and we are here.

The hashtag has since turned into a digital space online ( and on Instagram (@healthyishott) where we promote body-positivity, self-love, female empowerment, provide tips and tricks on living your best life, and encourage honest discussions on all aspects of health: mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual and everything in between. There is a need for a space like this – and my goal is to continue to create a community for everyone wanting to be their best selves

What are some simple activities that people can integrate in their daily routine to lead healthier lives?

Eat right and stay hydrated – start your day with a big glass of water and breakfast. Ideally something with complex carbs and a good dose of protein so you are fuelled for whatever the universe throws your way. Throughout the day, don’t be lazy – next time there’s an escalator or an elevator, TAKE THE STAIRS!! (Unless you’re wearing 5 inch heels, then I won’t hold it against you). A definite fool-proof way to incorporate fitness into your life is to make it exciting, plan healthy fit-focused activities with your friends on a weekly basis that you will actually look forward to – Beyoncé dance classes anyone? Hip hop yoga? Hiking to get a wicked photo for social media? Yes, yes and yes.

Where do you think the issue lies with body shaming? 

Body-shaming is never ok. Ever. As a community we need to stop putting each other down in any way, body shaming included. Every body is beautiful, and every journey to being healthy is different. When you judge someone and shame them for what they look like, you have no idea what their story is, what their goals are, or what their journey means to them. Who are we to judge others and make assumptions? We need to be empathetic, loving, and supportive of one another on our journey.

What do you like the most about fashion and how would you describe your own style?

Fashion is such a great way to express yourself! My style changes on a daily basis, for work I tend to be more glammed up, other days I’m all grunge-all-the-time, and some days I’m in sweats – It’s not uncommon for me to be rocking a girly tulle skirt paired with sneakers and a band t-shirt. But the core thread in my choices is a bit grunge, a bit girly. The juxtaposition of the two makes for an interesting outfit every time.

Who is your fashion icon and why?

Alexa Chung is my girl crush not only every Wednesday, but every single day. She is truly an it-girl in the fashion game and the definition of girl meets tomboy when it comes to style.  I adore the way she is non-conformist in the way she styles her looks. There is always a hint of edge, femininity and an effortless cool to the way she dresses. A close second would be Kate Moss. She needs no explanation. 

Is there any event (gala, fashion week, festival, etc) that you haven’t attended yet, but would love to attend?

The MET GALA, and every fashion week in the world.

What will be the next big step for you in life (any upcoming collaborations or projects)?

Award season is coming up, which is always a really busy and exciting time for us at Etalk. Plus in the new year I have some exciting projects on the horizon.. I was recently in Barbados filming something special for E! Canada – but you will have to wait and see!

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