25 Things About Etalk Reporter Liz Trinnear

Liz Trinnear is an Etalk Reporter with a great sense of style. She began her career as a VJ on Much in 2009, and since then, she’s interviewed countless number of celebrities. She is naturally blonde, extremely outgoing, and truly fabulous. After our chat, we pointed out 25 things that you should know about Liz. And here they are:

1. She describes herself as fun loving, living fully, outgoing, talkative, and fun.


2. Her spirit animal is a unicorn.

Unicorns are magical creatures, and I think everybody needs to believe in a little bit of magic. It makes the world go round and we all need some colour in our lives.

3. Her fashion and style icon is Gwen Stefani.

She’s gone from punk rock princess to mega runway business woman. She can keep it classy and still go super rock-ishy.

4.  Among her beauty must-haves are moisturizing and hydrating face creams.

I’m obsessed with all moisturizing and hydrating face creams, serums, and definitely Glossier. Laneige sleeping mask is one of the most insane products, I use it on airplanes and at night. Egyptian Magic, if i have any cuts or scars, is the greatest.

5. There is nothing she wouldn’t wear – she is open to any kind of fashion.

I’ve learnt this the hard way: never say never. I once said I’d never be caught wearing UGG boots, and I actually think they are the comfiest shoes, so sometimes in the winter early to set I wear UGG boots. Also, I think Crocs are funny ironically. I like the whole ‘no-fashion fashion’. So like when you go to the grocery store and you are like ‘that guy has no style’. And I respect that. It’s like dad jeans and Crocs and socks.

On Liz: blazer Hendrixroe, pants Helene Clarson, clutch Koda Nivoli. Photo by Margarita Menard

6. Her favourite colour is green.

Always green. Green is everywhere and my eyes are green. Yellow is my close second one.

7. She fits all of the stereotypes about blondes.

I fit all the stereotypes. I say some very questionable things at very questionable times. But I’m also so pale, I have to wear sun screen all the time. I’m a big believer in protecting your skin. I burn so easily.

8. She dyed hair red by accident in high school.

Oh my Gosh! So one time I tried to dye my hair brown, and there was some reddy tone in it, and I came out like Mary Jane from Spider Man – with bright red hair – by accident, in high school. But I understood that I’m meant to be blonde, as I’m naturally blonde. I believe that sticking to your natural colour works best on you sometimes.

9. The most romantic thing for her was when her fiancé at the time proposed to her on the southwest coast of France. 

It was very beautiful and romantic!

On Liz: dress Lesley Hampton, embroidered turkey feather coat Lacedsilk. Photo by Margarita Menard

10. She met her husband when she came to interview him.

He is a musician and I was a Much Music VJ at the time. So he came in and we had an interview. And the rest is history.

11. Communication is a key to strong and long-lasting relationship for her.

We use FaceTime, iMessages, and texts to communicate and say how we actually feel. Because first, you need to build a foundation on trust, patience and love.

12. She and her husband are planning their honeymoon.

We got married this summer, but we haven’t really decided on honey moon yet. We are thinking about Thailand or Hawaii. I need some beach – even though I’ll be under an umbrella – and I need ocean and sand.

On Liz: top Hilary Macmillan, pants Helene Clarkson. Photo by Margarita Menard

13. Her favourite city is London. 

London is just my New York. New York inspires a lot of people. But I usually get so inspired in London. I just want to work harder, meet new people, see cool places, go shopping. It’s gorgeous there.

14. If she wasn’t working on TV, she would be in the music or fashion industries.

I think if I wasn’t working on TV, I would be in the music or fashion industries. I’m keeping all my ideas open. That’s the beauty of life – you don’t always have all the answers written out in front of you, because that would be boring. 

15. Once she got a case of the giggles when she was live on-air.

I just couldn’t control myself, I was laughing so hard I was crying.

16. She would definitely move to LA.

If I ever lived in another city, it would be LA. There is just a huge variety of things to do there. I think there’s something for everybody there.

17. Becoming a VJ was one of the most memorable things for Liz.

When I found out I’d be the next VJ (in 2009), I packed up my things (I was living at home at the time), moved to Toronto and in two weeks I was on TV. It was a very memorable moment. Also, meeting my husband changed my life in a lot of ways.

18. If she could go back in time, she would give her younger self more confidence.

I think I would go back to when I was a kid and would give myself confidence and say that everything is going to be ok. Growing up, there are a lot of things that make you feel you are not fitting in, and that you are too different.

On Liz: blazer Hendrixroe, pants Helene Clarson, clutch Koda Nivoli. Photo by Margarita Menard

19. She absolutely hates feet.

I hate feet, they are gross and disgusting. I hate my feet, I hate touching them and looking at them. People on airplanes without shoes and people rubbing their feet on a carpet are  just gross.

20. She is not a party animal.

There is nothing I love more than a solid nap on a couch. I love to just chill in my sweatpants with my husband and watch a movie.

21. She occasionally creeps the Hadid sisters on Instagram.

I love them both for different reasons. I think Gigi is one of the most kindest souls I’ve ever met in my life. Bella there is something so exotic about her in her own way. And I love how they complement each other and they have such a tight friendship and sistership. It’s a beautiful thing.

22. Her most used emoji is a poop emoji.

All those people who said it was an ice cream emoji were wrong. That was meant to be a pile of poop.

On Liz: dress Lesley Hampton. Photo by Margarita Menard

23. Her latest food obsession is Kelp noodles.

They are kind of crunchy but super healthy. I found it in LA. Another obsession would be adding collagen to my smoothies, as it helps you remain youthful, it helps your skin and nails. I love all kinds of food.

24. If she was a superhero, she would have teleportation superpowers.

I spend so much time on airplanes or in Ubers. If I could just teleport to any place, that would be amazing. Or I would even go back in time but that’s another level.

25. Her Halloween costume ideas are just awesome. 

My husband and I are thinking he will be Cruella de Vil and I’m going to be a Dalmatian. Or we are thinking Kurt {Cobain} and Courtney {Love}. He is planning a cruise for Halloween.

On Liz: dress Lesley Hampton, embroidered turkey feather coat Lacedsilk. Photo by Margarita Menard

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