“The Mystery Man” – 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Henry Calderon

You could’ve met this man at the fashion show, or a charity gala, or at some fancy party in Toronto… But what do you know about him? Last week we met with Henry Calderon to find out more about this “Mystery Man”, and here are 10 things you probably never knew about him.

Photo by: Janis Rees

1) He is a judge and a Brand Ambassador at Miss Universe Canada;
2) He is a tennis and polo lover and competes on a regular basis in Toronto and Peru;
3) He loves charity, and he did a charity walk at TOM (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week), styled by Gotstyle;
4) He is a recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal 2003;
5) He is from Peru;
6) He is a filmmaker (mostly, documentaries);
7) He is single (for all of you ladies out there!);
8) His favourite designer is Ralph Lauren;
9) He has worked in economic revitalization, fashion and film over the past 25 years;
10) His favourite brand to wear is Zara.

Courtesy of TOM

Henry Calderon: I was always interested in the infrastructure of each individual sector: what is the world of fashion all about; where Canada is heading to; are we making Toronto a powerhouse for the fashion industry. What I really like to do is to connect the right people. That’s what the “Mystery Man” does – he connects people. I work in management consulting for special projects, which is mostly related to arts and fashion. I help aspiring models and designers. Right now, I also inspire recent graduates from the School of Fashion & Design at George Brown. We need to contribute more to the Canadian society to develop our country and make it the next New York or Paris for the fashion industry. There is a very strong interest from the general public, so we cannot stop doing women’s fashion week. And Jeff Rustia was doing it the smart way last season: he did men’s and women’s fashion in one week, instead of two weeks. So I hope that eventually, we will make Toronto the greatest city in the world.