Miss World Canada 2017: Beauty With a Purpose

This year 57 contestants from across Canada took part in Miss World Canada beauty pageant, held in Toronto. The competition was tough, pressure was on, but all the girls did a great job during all 4 days of the pageant. Mariposa boat cruise, shopping, fashion show at Cabana pool bar (featuring Rachel Sin‘s designs and Sisia swimwear), afterparty at Rebel nightclub – these are some of many enjoyable things contestants were experiencing during the time of the beauty pageant. With such big sponsors like Nine West, Sisia Swimwear, Tangle Teezer – and many more –  girls were always camera ready. This year’s  judging panel for Miss World Canada 2017 consisted of Terry Lee, Mark Ming, Maureen Fenn, Bianca Teixera, Cynthia Loewen, Joan Kelley Walker, Ward Anderson, Bahar Niramwalla, Erwyn Loewen and Angeline McDonald.

Joan Kelley Walker (Canadian TV personality, business woman, and humanitarian), one of the judges, shared with Beyond Fashion Magazine her opinion on this beauty pageant.

Margarita: Is it your first time being a judge at the beauty pageant?

Joan: No, I judged the Canada’s Next Supermodel a few months ago and I also judged the Magna Hoedown. This will be my third year.

What do you base your decision on when deciding whether a contestant deserves to go on?

Joan: It was really-really hard to judge them. I am looking at stage presence, attitude, comfort – how comfortable they look on stage. I think those are the most important things.

Do you think inner qualities are as important as looks?

Joan: Yes, because if they have inner strength, then it comes out in their beauty.

Would you take part in this pageant?

Joan: Absolutely. I did a couple of pageants when I was young, like Miss Regina pageant, but it was so long ago.

Do you think Canadian beauty standards are different from international ones?

Joan: I think so. Because I used to have a bikini company, and Canadian bikini bottoms were the largest pretty much in the world. If you look at Brazilian bikini bottoms, they are cut very small. So I think our fashion might have a Canadian angle, but I think that Canadian women are stunningly gorgeous as we have all types, all cultures, all ethnicities, and there is a lot of beauty in that.

One of the special things about this pageant is that it also focuses on charity, and emphasizes on Beauty With a Purpose  a non-profit organization, supporting and raising money for humanitarian projects across the globe. Every contestant took part in this project, raising awareness for a range of various problems, like poverty, women’s abuse, depression, suicide, and other issues. The hostess of the night, Delaney Holley (Former Miss Canada), shared her thoughts on this aspect of the pageant: ‘I think that what is really wonderful about Miss World Canada is that they promote Beauty With a Purpose, they have this charity aspect. I know that all of the delegates here have prepared kind of pitch to put forward, something they would like to do with that. So I think this pageant really focuses on different types of beauty, as well as inner beauty. But there is still swimwear and evening gown competition like in every pageant.’

After careful consideration, Cynthia Menard (Ontario delegate) was crowned as Miss World Canada 2017, meaning she will be representing Canada at the Miss World 2017 pageant in China. Blue-eyed blond won hearts of the judges and audience, defeating 56 other contestants, and succeeding Anastasia Lin (former Miss World Canada). The first runner up was Miss Ottawa, Karema Batotele, and the second one was Calgary representative, Mattea Henderson.