Leña Restaurante: Flavourful Argentine Experience in Style

Opened not so long ago, Leña Restaurante has become one of the most popular restaurants in downtown Toronto not only due to its cool interior design, but, of course, thanks to its authentic, flavourful Argentine cuisine which makes you want to come back again and again. Whether you come there for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, or just for drinks – this is a place where you can relax and enjoy your time. As Executive Chef Julie Marteleira says, ‘this place is always fun‘. She has been there since the start. Due to her Portuguese background, it is personal for her to make the food that is very similar to what she is used to cook (as the restaurant showcases the vibrant essence of South American cooking). She loves the way the place looks, its vibe, and of course the food. When she prepares the menu – which is changed seasonally, four times a year – she gets inspired by travel, cooks, looking at other people’s dishes on Instagram, posts online, talking to people. Inspiration comes from everywhere. As she mentioned, ‘I love everything on the menu. One of my favourite parts of the menu is seafood, as it’s so fresh and good. Our food isn’t very elaborate, it’s pretty simple, but in a way, a lot of work goes behind-the-scenes’. And after trying these dishes (see below) we can definitely appreciate all the work that’s been done in order to prepare these delightful bites.

Chef Julie

Susana’s Gaucho Empanadas

(beef, egg, olives, chiminasty sauce)

LEÑA Stracciatella

(house-pulled mozzarella, purple yam, osprey bluffs honey, chili)

Salt Cod Fritters

(caper & dill crema)

Calamari à la Plancha

(charred squid, garlic, jalapeño, lemon)

The Pink Panther and Torreon


Lavender Brisa

Leña Restaurante (@lenarestaurante)

Address: 176 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5C 2L7

Phone: (416) 507-3378