Fashion Heals 4 SickKids

Fashion Heals is a vibrant annual event, that aims to raise awareness and funds for an innovation grant at SickKids hospital by hosting a fashion show that creatively showcases the accomplishments and impacts of the hospital’s team.

This one of a kind fashion show featuring SickKids patients, caregivers, and doctors as models. A lively evening filled with a silent auction, great music, delicious food & beverages, and of course, amazing fashion.

It was the first year when Fashion Heals partnered with Toronto Fashion Week, which took place this  February. The annual fashion show shined a spotlight on the inspiring patients, their families, and caregivers at SickKids with a mission to raise funds for paediatric cancer research and care.

“The Fashion Heals Innovation Grant for Pediatric Research & Care at
SickKids will enable a member of our team, whether clinician, scientist or nurse, to pursue a new idea that otherwise they could not explore due to lack of funding. Your support will make an impact in the lives of children who suffer from cancer, not only in Toronto and across Canada, but around the world.” ~ Dr. Jim Whitlock, Chief. Garron Family Cancer Centre

$250,000 –  2018 Fashion Heals Goal

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