Dating Ideas: Where to Go on a Perfect Date

Tired of regular restaurants and bars? Want to do something special for your other half? Need some ideas? Here we go, fifteen fun activities for a perfect date:

1) Try Horseback Riding

Even if you don’t have much equestrian experience, it will still be a fun thing to do. Neither of you will forget this romantic adventure.

2) Take a Wine & Paint Class

Follow your inspiration and create some art to hang on your wall. And with a glass of wine – it’s even better!

3) Take a Dancing Lesson

Whether it is tango, salsa, or waltz, dancing together always brings you closer to each other.

4) Go for a Skate

Haven’t done it since high school? Now it’s time to find your skates and take your date out for skating.

5) Have a Picnic in a Park

Even this photo has ‘I can’t even’ level of romance in it. Picnic in a park with some food and wine is always a great idea.

6) Go Bowling

Even if you are not a beer and pizza fan, it is still fun to play bowling with your date. Or you can join another couple and see whose team is stronger.

7) Visit a Zoo

Who doesn’t like seeing exotic animals.. So why not go to a zoo where you can walk around and maybe even feed some pandas or giraffes.

8) Play Some Games

You don’t have be under 18 to enjoy playing shuffleboard or some video games. If you are not into that, there is always a pull and ping pong.

9) Go to a Wine-Tasting Tour

What can possibly be more romantic and easier to organize than a wine-tasting tour? Just call your local winery and see if they are available for a tour next weekend.

10) Head to Aquarium

Aquarium can be fun and interesting even if you’ve been there 10 times. It all depends on a company you go with.

11) Visit an Art Gallery

Time for some art and culture. Check out new exhibitions at your local art gallery or museum.

12) Hit a Karaoke Bar

Don’t want to be embarrassed on your first date? Well, then karaoke is probably not for you. Unless you both get drunk and then nobody would care.

13) Relax on a Beach

Maybe you don’t live by the French Riviera, but you still can enjoy your local beach while the sun is still out.

14) Go Rock Climbing

This is that type of activity, when you start blaming yourself for missing PE classes in high school and getting out of shape. Good news: they have beginners classes too.

15) Go-Karting

Sometimes you just try it once, and then end up going to that place every weekend. Well, even if your date didn’t go that well, you might end up with a new hobby at least.

Enjoy your date!