The Chase: Chef Talk with Taylor McMeekin

Stylish interior, one of the best patios in the city (on the 5th floor), friendly staff, and most importantly, incomparably delicious food from chef Taylor McMeekin – this is what you can expect from The Chase, located right in the Financial District of Toronto. Rightly deserved to be called one of the best fish and seafood restaurants, The Chase is a dream place for any foodie. Moreover, this restaurant is big on sustainable food produced in Canada, contributing to thriving local economies and protecting natural resources. With the 25% plant-based dishes on the menu, The Chase is now offering some delicious vegetarian and vegan meals.

Photo by Steven Lee

We’ve met with the man behind The Chase’s culinary masterworks, and can surely say that Taylor’s attention-to-detail and obsession with quality shine through on every plate.

Chef Taylor McMeekin

Margarita: When did you start working at The Chase and what can you tell us about your experience?

Taylor: I started in the end of June. It was one of a very few restaurants I was looking at actually. So far, it’s been great to work here, and I’m really proud of working here. Before, I worked at the Air Canada Club, which was quite a large restaurant – it’s got 450 seats. But I really wanted something smaller after that.

Do you have any favourite dish to cook?

Taylor: I would say it’s Canadian sustainable seafood and fish.

How often do you change your menu and what inspires to create something new?

Taylor: We change our menu every month – not a full menu change, but quite a bit. Seasonality is a huge thing to make changes. The more I can use Canadian product, the happier I am. I really care about the products and where they are coming from.

And the last question, why do you think Canada hasn’t got any Michelin star restaurants yet?

Taylor: I think we are kind of a young country when it comes to the food scene. But we certainly have a lot of potential. And I think that in the long-run, The Chase definitely can aim for Michelin stars.


Vegan Donut

Concord grape jelly, popcorn espuma, sumac sugar, aquafaba (donut)

Verdict: creative, elaborate, and amazingly delicious!

Photos by Marcus Muñoz

The Chase 

Address: 10 Temperance St, fifth floor, Toronto, ON M5H 1Y4
Phone: (647) 348-7000
Photo by Steven Lee