Trend Report: See Which Styles Will Rule the Upcoming Fashion Week Runways

2016 brought a wave of activism-friendly fashion to the seasonal runways while 2017 brought on the return of maximalism. But what will be the bread and butter of the 2018 runways? Which 2017 styles will live on into the new year and what new innovations will make their big debut? While we’re only a mere weeks away from Fashion Month, we have rounded up 10 trends we think will take over 2018, some old and some new.

Mini Bag Mani

Travelling light will be the continued mantra for fashion fans. The trend was first introduced in 2017 when Coach, Hermés, Cholé and more mid sent micro bags down their runways. Since then celebrities, influencers and everyday style stars have been embracing the trend and rocking it effortlessly.

Super Duper Shine

Sequins are in and we mean way in. In 2018, we’ll be dressing like every night is NYE. The super sexy mini dress will have its cutouts replaced with glitter, glam and a burst of sparkle and that in itself is worth celebrating, isn’t it?

The Ugly Shoe

U-G-L-Y is certainly our alibi this year. One could blame Balenciaga for its obsession with normcore which set the ugly shoe trend in place. Others could assume that fashion is taking an even quirkier turn. Thankfully beauty is in the eye of the beholder and whether your style navigates towards chic orthopaedics or sky-high Crocs, you’ll be stylish even if your shoes are hideous.

Cosmic Purple

Pantone has dubbed Ultra Violet as the Colour of the Year. As the iconic colour experts put it, “enigmatic purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance” but will it also be the colour of the 2018 runways? We can definitely see the cosmic shade making its debut on a few luxury catwalks.

Tasteful Tailoring

Suiting is going past office doors and office hours. The look of a pantsuit, or even a blazer paired with denim, is cooler than ever before. Fashion fans are sure to utilize this trend from day to night making it a practical style as well as a fresh one.

Winter White Boots

Call it the Elaine Welteroth effect, white boots are going to be at an all time high this year. Whether they go over the knee, graze the ankle or feature feathers, the whiter the boot, themore on-trend they will certainly be.

For the Love of Fringe

Fringe is a staple in fashion history and it has had many lives. From its moment in the festival fashion era to the revival of 70s style, this playful detail isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This year, fringe will be bigger than ever, literally. Fashion is making the untidy hem anew by exaggerating its look. With elongated fringe that sweeps the floor to dresses completely made of the fun detail, more is more is certainly the 2018 fringe mantra.

Let’s Get Sporty

Athleisure had a major moment which seems to have turned into a full on sporty affair. Dressing like you were going to the gym was fun but now the look is dressing like you’re an actual athlete. Whether you’re a fan of motocross or aquatic sports, you can now look the part in a super fashion-forward way.

Pretty in Plastic

Prepare yourself for some texture and sound filled outings as plastic is the material of 2018. Once reserved for raincoats and ponchos, plastic is seeing an entirely new day. This year, expect to see it and see through it with the rise of transparent plastic coats and accessories while plastic skirts and trenches are sure to be all over your favourite style stars and bloggers.

See-It-All in Sheer

While we’ve grown tired of naked dresses and illusion necklines, it just hasn’t grown tired of us. Sheer skirts and dresses are still expected to rule this Spring/Summer whether we like it or not.