Men’s Fashion: Beyond Fashion Magazine Meets Christopher Bates

A holder of a few nominations for Canadian Menswear of the Year at CAFA (Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards), a designer of the new garments for the country’s largest airline (Air Canada), now, also, a successful footwear designer – Christopher Bates is a proud Canadian menswear fashion designer, based in Milan. His designs are in huge demand among the A-list celebrities and fashion connoisseurs all around the world.

Christopher Bates fills in the blanks

When I first started, the biggest challenge for me was securing sufficient financing to launch my business. But there were perks, as well, such as being an entrepreneur and working for myself. My favourite part about my job is designing clothes that people, including myself, love to wear and the rewarding feeling from following my passion. But if I could choose another career, I would probably become a chef. Some people think that I am often in a tuxedo drinking champagne, but in reality, I am quite typically working alone in my office, and occasionally even working right through the weekend. The one thing that nobody really knows about me is that my life in Milan is extremely un-glamorous.

Talking about my fashion career, I am currently working on my new collection for Spring 2018. What really inspires me is travelling. And my dream would be to work with Hollywood director Nicolas Winding Refn. The actor that I would love to make a tuxedo for, is Ryan Gosling, as I find him particularly talented and handsome.
If I had more free time, I would probably relax. This summer I am planning to to travel a lot for work and for fun.
The advice I would give to my younger self is follow your dreams. And remember that success is always better than frivolity.

photo credit: Marco Esposito
main photo of Christopher Bates by Ramin Deravian