Fall Fashion: New Styles, New Looks, New You

As the fashion season kicks off in New York city, we get plenty of style inspiration, fashion ideas, and new looks revelation. Everyone needs to experiment with their style once in a while, get out of the comfort zone and try something new. Here are our favourite moments from NYFW 2017 that may inspire you to diversify your looks.

Alexander Wang

Credit: Indigital

With Kaia Gerber’s (daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford) debut at the fashion week, #Wangfest show was a complete blast. Extra sleeves and jackets, cut in half and worn as skirts, definitely bring us a new trend of deconstructed blazers.

Anna Sui

Credit: Indigital

Colourful and joyous hippy-deluxe fashion was seen on the runway, graced by sisters Hadid, wearing kaleidoscope of patterns, textures and prints.

Victoria Beckham

Credit: Indigital

Sweet colours, light fabrics, fluttery ruffles – this is what feminine looks by Victoria Beckham consist of. Layers and shirts tucked into skirts definitely ruled the runway.


Credit: Getty Images

Coach didn’t disappoint. Glitzy spirit everywhere: crystals, sequins, shimmery shoes and purses. And that all against a completely glitter-covered set.