Channeling the Elements of Femininity and Fabrics: WALLO SS18 Collection

Marie-Andrée Wallot

It is something to be said when a man or a woman can live through the clothing that they wear. It is when self-expression, art and physicality combine cohesively to animate the perfect embodiment of fluidity through fashion.

Marie-Andrée Wallot of WALLO is one of the many talented featured Canadian designers at this season’s Women’s Fashion Week in Toronto. Through her avant garde designs, she exemplifies the grace and nobility of quality fabric with the understanding and expertise to formulate the perfect garment for diverse physicality’s. “Every man and woman holds a degree of beauty – this is better shown through their style and fashion sense” says Marie-Andrée. “I recognize the beautiful nature of people from all backgrounds, and through my pieces I hope to show that I understand and appreciate these forms of beauty”.

Growing up in Montreal, Marie-Andrée has been exposed to a multitude of diverse experiences that have shaped her inspiration and method to what it is today. “There have been a few inspirations in my life – none more so than Coco Chanel. She understood the shape of women and instead of confining her body she chose to design with the intention of freedom, and comfort – which is what I aim to accomplish with all my pieces”. For WALLO’s SS18 collection, Marie-Andrée followed her vision of comfort, femininity and versatility. Her collection includes an assortment of elegant cocktail dresses, scarves, maxi dresses, transparent pareos and even a few kimonos. Her passion for design and quality is shown through her use of silk as her premiere fabric. “Everything is beautiful in silk” she explains. “The drape is gorgeous – take any other textile and the drape is different. Silk is the most versatile fabric for any weather condition, and fits any body type seamlessly”.

In the past summer, Marie-Andrée took time to herself to reflect on what she envisioned for her upcoming collection. In the past season, she focused on using orange as her prime colour palette. For her SS18 collection she decided to shift to hues of blue. “I love the water – this past summer I had many opportunities to expose myself to nature and reflect”. “I began to understand water in a more artistic sense – it’s power, grace, and natural beauty”. Marie-Andrée describes silk as a perfect tool to express water as an artistic medium. “It flows and shines like water, and yet holds a position of power and poise in any setting”.

The WALLO woman, as Marie-Andrée describes is “someone who lives confidently”. “I want the woman wearing my clothing to feel confident in expressing themselves in whichever way they choose – too often do we find that woman are confined by barriers within society”. “WALLO woman, all woman, are brilliant and beautiful and I hope this brilliance is further emphasized through my collection”.

Marie-Andrée will be presenting her SS18 show on October 3rd at 7:00pm at One Yonge Street in Toronto. If you wish to see her show, you can purchase tickets at the Toronto Women’s Fashion Week website.