No More Nice Girl: Taylor Swift’s New Single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

At the 2017 MTV Video Awards, hosted by Katy Perry, Taylor Swift dropped her newest video for her recent single “Look What You Made Me Do”. Love her or hate her you’ve got to admit that Taylor Swift is consistent. Now we’re not talking about her style of music – that’s changed over a million times – but the way she throws shade like no other. Dubbed by many as America’s sweetheart and named a “snake” by one in particular, Taylor’s new video for “Look What You Made Me Do” has an endless amount of intentional shade, side eye, and T to give you life. For your amusement, we dissected Taylor’s new video to see what kind of references she’s made this time, and honey, there’s a lot.

1) We start off the video with Taylor rising from the grave in this dark cemetery reminiscent of her “Out of the Woods” video.

2) Not a minute in and already the shadiest of shade is thrown when next to Taylor’s singing corpse is a headstone that reads “Nils Sjoberg”. Now at first glance this may not seem like much, but actually the name is from Taylor Swift herself in reference to her now ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris as a nickname when they co-wrote “This Is What You Came For”. Pretty sure we can all agree that this relationship is definitely dead.

3) A little afterwards we see Taylor wearing her 2014 MET Gala dress six feet under in a grave.

4) Our next sequence shows Taylor sitting on a throne with snakes all around her. This is probably in reference to her little debacle over Kanye West’s video “Famous” and Kim Kardashian-West’s video of Taylor consenting to the making of the video – which prior to, she denied. After which many people commented on Taylor’s Instagram photos with emojis of snakes. By the end of that clip you see the snakes pouring a cup for Taylor – looks like she’s ready to spill at that T.

5) Moving right along to Taylor’s next victim is blatantly obvious references to Katy Perry. The next shot shows Taylor in a Cheetah print bomber, with a propped up straight pony tail, holding a Grammy. Katy and her Kats aren’t going to be too pleased with this one.

6) Taylor’s next shining moment is when she stands in front of her army of she-ros rocking her costume from the video “Bad Blood” under a banner that says ‘SQUAD’. You can also see references to this video when Taylor appears to be robbing a vault later in the video.

7) The next shot shows her dance team working it in a room similar to the aesthetic of her “Blank Space” video. But if you pay careful attention, you notice her dancers wearing an “I <3 TS” crop top. Clearly a jab at Tom Hiddleson who wore the same kind of shirt at Taylor’s 4th of July party a few years back.

8) Finally the video ends off with ALL of Taylor’s artistic personas that she’s done in the past, from “You Belong With Me” Taylor, to “Fearless” Taylor, “Shake It Off”, and the cherry on top – her 2009 VMA Taylor.

This video had everything and more. Moving forward we expect the now Queen of Shade to give us even more life with her upcoming singles, and eventual album release. It’s been said before and we’ll say it again, no one is safe from Taylor’s T.

Watch the video