Top Keratin Treatment Products That REALLY Work

Keratin is a protein and major component in skin, hair and nails. Over the time, our hair loses keratin due to physical, chemical or environmental stressors. To combat this damage and to protect hair in the long term, here are the best Keratin Treatment Products that will keep your hair straight, shiny, and healthy.


Kérastase is one of the best professional haircare lines that is used in salons and at home. Its Discipline line consists of frizz-fighting products that do not change the chemical composition of hair, but, instead, make hair smooth and shiny. Increasing styling and manageability, strengthening hair structure, and restoring hydration balance, these products give you smoother hair for much lesser cost than any salon treatment. Masque Fluidealiste nourishes your hair, Spray Fluidissime makes it easy to style, Fondant Fluidealiste gives it shine, Kérastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste protects the natural keratin in hair. Used daily, these products make straight styles mirror-smooth and glossy, give curls soft, frizz-free definition, and make all types of hair more manageable and resilient with every application. Moreover, hair gets protection for at least 72 hours from the formation of the curl and from the impact of moisture, as well as restores the structure of the hair due to arginine, serine, glutamic acid, wheat protein derivative, and ceramides. Smoothness, lightness, obedience.


Containing Juvexin – a keratin anti-ageing protein blend – GKhair suits all hair types, and includes hair care as well as styling products. It improves hair structure and fixes split ends, preventing damage to the hair surface. Its unique formula with amino acids and proteins helps to protect the natural keratin in hair and restore elasticity. Global Keratin products also detangle, defrizze, and add shine to hair due to its keratin formulation. What is really great about this brand is that it is all organic and natural, and does not contain any chemicals like formaldehyde that can damage your hair in a long term perspective. It is recommended to use GKhair for general recovery as well – not only for straightening your hair. It protects it from damage and aging caused by environmental factors. You can see positive changes after the first treatment. This system truly works.


Developed on the basis of exotic oils and unique ingredients from around the world, Hask Keratin Protein products provide consumers with high-quality quality salon hair care at home and at quite affordable prices. Hask conditioner softens hair and facilitates combing right after the very first use, leaving all hair types smooth, shiny and frizz free. Keratin protein has restorative properties and makes any hair obedient, reducing brittleness and facilitating hair styling. This line is perfect for over processed and colour treated hair, as it helps your colour last longer and maintain its health. Unlike silicon-based conditioners, it does not give that greasy feel, penetrating deep into the hair shaft, rebuilding dry and damaged hair from the inside out with hair’s most vital nutrient – Keratin. To boost effectiveness and achieve a professional-quality blowout, apply The Flash Blow-Dry Spray and Sleek Blow-Out Balm after each wash.


Moisturizing and restoring the hair, both Inoar Moroccan and G-Hair systems contain active agents that replenish the keratin and seal the hair strands. Due to certain chemicals (permissible dosage of formaldehyde), the effect of the treatment stays much longer than after any other products. Hair becomes glossy and silky right away, no need in extra hair styling products. G-Hair Keratin Smoothing System is a powerful treatment which reduces 95% of urls and frizz. Rich in minerals, Inoar’s formula repairs the damaged hair, restores its strength and softness, helps decrease the amount of breakage and split ends. The Moroccan Keratin Smoothing System is enriched with White Clay and Cocoa Oil, moisturizing and nourishing hair. So if you are looking for the long-lasting effect, and want to get soft and luxurious hair, these products are definitely right for you.

It’s a 10

An excellent nourishing treatment that works on all hair types. Enhancing natural beauty, preventing hair damage and breakage, protecting hair colour, detangling it, controlling frizz – It’s a 10 does it all. After each usage hair becomes smoother and sleeker, preventing split ends and protecting hair against heat when styling. These products add volume and restore hair’s youthful look, texture, and appearance. Keratin rebuilds hair from the inside out making hair more touchable and resilient with every application. The creamy keratin compound will remain in your hair while it goes through blow-dry and flat-ironing procedure.