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Located right by Yorkville, Pretty in the City offers its clients a variety of different beauty services. Last week, we tried Eyelash Extensions and Eyebrow Powder Ombre. Though, most of you have probably heard about eyelash extensions, not everyone knows about another service, quite similar to microblading.

Powder Ombre is an innovative service that creates a misty, powder filled brow similar to the makeup look. The tails of a brow are darker, and fade into a light start of a brow, giving that perfect and natural ombre makeup effect. Using only USA-made, sterile instruments, unique technique, and USP grade pigments, Beauty Artists at Pretty in the City create a soft natural look for your eyebrows. Whereas microblading is not for everyone – certain types of skin and colour of eyebrows are incompatible – Powder Ombre suits everybody. Lasting usually between 18-24 months, it also has fewer aftermaths, compared to microblading, as it keeps the shape better defined as it fades

Treatment: Powder Ombre

Tried by: Olga Semenova, Health & Beauty Associate

First, the beauty expert carefully measures your brows and draws a contour of your eyebrows. After filling it in with the pencil and confirming that the client is happy with the shape, the procedure is started. First contours are done without any anesthesia, however, once it is applied, you can relax, as there won’t be any unpleasant itches. Unlike tattoos, you will not feel any pain while getting your eyebrows done. The procedure takes about 2 hours, and after it is done, certain aftercare is required. In 6 weeks, you will have to get another appointment for a touch up session to finalize your results so you get 100% out your Powder Ombre. The effect lasts about two years, depending on the person’s skin type, lifestyle, and various other factors.

TIP: After your brows are healed, do not forget to apply any sunscreen on and under your brows, as it will keep the colour longer and will prevent any burns.

Treatment: Eyelash Extensions 

Tried by: Margarita Kadochnikova, Editor-in-Chief

The most important thing in eyelash extensions is to find the right Stylist. I had a Volume Full Set with the dramatic effect. All lashes are synthetic mink, so there is zero risk of allergies. Careful and precise performance is extremely important, and that is how it’s done at Pretty in the City. Lash by lash, your eyes become prettier and prettier. Refills are necessary every 3 weeks if you want to keep your eyelashes in a good shape. Forget about mascara and overly done makeup with these beauty hacks from Pretty in the City.

TIP: Do not apply any makeup or oily products on your eyes for 24 hours after the procedure. 

Address: 188 Davenport Rd #201, Toronto, ON M5R 1J2

Phone: (416) 482-8688

Veronica Tran is a talented founder of one of the most high quality beauty salons in Toronto. After completing several training and seminars in the top cities of the world, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Veronica brings all the latest techniques and technology to Canada, willing to share her experience. A friendly, energetic, loving mother of three, Veronica successfully manages her time, doing best for her family and clients. She recently opened a satellite location in Markham at 8130 Birchmount Rd. (inside Salon Diva).