Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair with LumaRX

Tired of spending time and money on waxing, shaving, and trying to get rid of unwanted hair? We have a solution for you! LumaRX Full Body device is a revolutionary way to deal with hair not only on your body, but also on your face. In just three treatments, you can experience up to 94% hair reduction! So how does it work?

Created by leading dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon and co-founder, Jeffrey S. Dover, MD, FRCPC, LumaRX technology emits light energy that penetrates deep into the skin to reach the hair root. ‘The heat stuns the active hair follicles, which disrupts the hair growth cycle and helps prevent future hair growth. The treated hair typically falls out within 7-10 days. This ability to reach the hair root, combined with a powerful energy level spread across a long pulse length, makes this one of the most effective at-home hair removal devices for permanent results’. It is absolutely pain-free, and the maximum you feel is a warm light on your skin. Very easy and convenient to use, this device can be used on body hair, such as underarms, bikini line, arms, legs, chest and stomach; as well as on female facial hair on the cheeks, sideburns, chin, neck areas, and above the lips. As indicated in the manual, it works best on light to medium skin tones, especially with dark hair. Moreover, this FDA-cleared versatile device with professional IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology features two interchangeable treatment caps – one for the body and one for the female face – which is great for larger areas or moderate users. Want to hear some more amazing news? This device can also be used by men, meaning your boyfriend will finally get rid of all that hair on his chest and back. This could be a perfect gift for someone who really needs it.

How to use LumaRX:

1) Prep skin by cleaning and shaving the area.

2) Use skin tone tester to determine if device is suitable for use on the area.

3) Select the desired energy level.

4) Treat skin, moving in a grid-like pattern. Time of the treatment varies based on the size of the area being treated, but you can treat small areas in less than two minutes and large areas, such as a full leg, in about 20 minutes.

Note: You should wait two weeks between treatments in each area. Use the Treatment Cards (located in back of the Use and Care Guide) to help you track your treatments.

On a personal note, this device is clearly doing its job, and doing it really well! You can definitely see less hair a few months after the treatments. The results are obviously individual and depend on your skin, hair, and many other different physical features. But overall, it is a leading product on the market and is absolutely worth its price. Thumbs up!

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