PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System: Get Those Sexy Lips

Have you ever dreamt of having fuller-looking and sexier lips without getting any injections done? Good news: it is absolutely possible now with PMD® Kiss. This amazing device offers you a smart anti-aging lip plumping treatment. Not only it makes your lips look sexy, but it also restores its youthfulness. With daily use, PMD Kiss will boost collagen and create long lasting plumped up results.

We all have lip wrinkles and lines – some of us more, some of us less – but PMD Kiss actually helps reduce appearance of these lines, boosting collagen. What is more, your natural lip colour is restored and revitalized, bringing back youthful look and restored elasticity. The results are visible after the first treatment, and last longer if you use this device on a daily basis. And it also suits all skin types!

It uses pulsating vacuum technology and specially formulated serum to create a fuller appearance of lip volume. To use it, you need to follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Apply PMD Kiss Smart Lip Plumping Serum onto clean, dry, lips. Use only on the lips.
2. Power on PMD Kiss. Place Plumping Tip firmly & directly onto your lip creating a tight seal for suction.
3. Use PMD Kiss in the 6 sections of your lips as shown – you will hear and feel the PMD Kiss working.
4. Allow PMD Kiss to pulse 15-20 times on each section of your lips. You will be able to hear the pulses while the PMD Kiss works.

Photo: Courtesy of PMD Beauty

If you’ve never done anything to your lips (no injections), then these results will definitely be satisfying. You can see them instantly, and it only takes a few minutes to get them, which is pretty impressive. And before you get your hand on this device, remember not to go over the limit to avoid small bruises on your lips. Results are temporary, so it’s better to use it before going out. But overall, PMD Kiss is definitely one of the most effective and useful beauty must-have gadgets on the market.


-It really DOES make your lips look fuller and sexier instantly;

-It is super easy to use;

-It is pain-free;

-It has health benefits.


-Results last no longer than a day, so have to repeat the procedure daily.


Totally worth buying!