Perfect Smile with GLO Brilliant™ Teeth Whitening Device

Still thinking it’s impossible to get whiter teeth with no sensitivity in as little as five days? Then, you must definitely try GLO Brilliant™ Teeth Whitening Device, created by Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, an oral health expert and aesthetic dentist, who holds 18 patents and has 8 patents pending. Impressive, isn’t it?

To begin with, it is clinically proven to whiten teeth by five shades in as little as five days. Very easy-to-use and pretty fast (only 32 minutes in total), this treatment can be done at home, while watching Netflix or doing online shopping. Doing it four times for eight minutes within 5 consecutive days – as recommended –  will deliver you best results you’ve ever seen with NO sensitivity. And the reason behind this ‘no sensitivity’ statement is that G.L.O. (Guided Light Optic) technology combines professional elements of heat and light built into a one of a kind – closed system mouthpiece that accelerates the whitening process, preventing the whitening oxygen from escaping the tooth surface, bombarding the stains and making the whitening process more effective and more efficient. Unlike some whitening gels with a high percentage of hydrogen peroxide in them, GLO does not hurt or damage your gums and soft tissue.

The full set (available at Sephora) contains GLO Brilliant™ Personal Teeth Whitening Device, GLO Brilliant™ Whitening mouthpiece and case, 10 x GLO Brilliant™ Whitening Gels (g-vials), USB power plug, and GLO™ Lip Treatment. Before you begin, you need to make sure the device is fully charged. Then, you can place lanyard and Control – with an attached mouthpiece – over your neck. After applying a thin layer of GLO Lip Care to the top and bottom lips (to protect your lips against any sensitivity and discomfort) apply whitening G-Vial gel by squeezing it onto brush tip and apply a thin layer directly to top and bottom teeth (fronts only). Then, just press the GLO button on the control (the lights light up a brilliant blue) and place mouthpiece in your mouth with “top” facing up and hold it for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes, the device will automatically turn off, so you can spit out excess saliva and continue 3 more times (so it will be 4 in total). You can do this treatment for up to 10 days maximum to achieve the best results.

And last but not least, the package of GLO Brilliant™ Teeth Whitening Device is just so well-designed that it absolutely stands out among all other teeth whitening devices on the market, giving you some sort of iPhone vibe. And who doesn’t like great design, especially when it comes in different colours and with a case similar to beats by Dre case! But the main thing about GLO device, of course, is that after using it for 5 consecutive days, ALL your friends will notice how much brighter your teeth suddenly got!

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