Lash Out This Spring With MYNC

At some point, every girl wants to try eyelash extensions.  The key is to find the right beauty salon. Last week I tried MYNC  (282 Queen St West) and the result surpassed all expectations.MYNC Beauty offers you different options on the length, curl and, of course, the amount of lashes you want to have on your eyes. I chose Cosmopolitan set, which gives you 75 synthetic mink lashes per eye, and super dramatic curl. It is synthetic as many people are allergic to real mink hair. The master who was doing my lashes was named Ipyana. She was very professional, friendly, and since the whole procedure took me about an hour and a half, we had a lot to talk about. Most of the people who never tried it, think that it’s painful and may cause eye problems. But in reality, you might feel a bit uncomfortable, but definitely nothing painful there. And at MYNC, all their materials are carefully sterilized, so it’s impossible to get any infections. The effect of these extensions turned out to be amazing, and I did not feel any itch nor any irritation in my eyes when I opened them after the procedure. Cosmopolitan set also included a free eyebrow tinting or lipstick application. I chose the first one since eyebrows are MYNC’s specialty as well, and I was not disappointed. They also give you a booklet on how to take care of your eyelashes.So overall, I was happy with the result and now I can forget about mascara for at least a few weeks. It’s actually perfect when you go on vacation as you don’t need to apply makeup.