Shape Up! Get Your Bikini Body Faster with These Fun Fitness Classes in Toronto

Feeling sluggish, lethargic, and unsuited for the upcoming summer months? Not feeling up for enjoying the sun and running around in a bikini? Why not take a fun new exercise class to up your energy, fitness, and confidence for those long nights and beach trips! If you’re in Toronto or the GTA, check out the offerings from these five gyms and studios:

Brass Vixens Pole Dancing and Fitness Studio

With five locations across Toronto and the GTA, Brass Vixens is Toronto’s first and largest pole dancing studio. They offer hundreds of drop in classes every month, ranging from super beginner to advanced in skill level. Brass Vixens offers various levels of pole dancing classes but also an assortment of other fun classes, including chair dancing, aerial silks, and burlesque, as well as creative fitness classes based in these dance disciplines. These classes not only provide a great workout, but can help increase your comfort in your own body.


Toronto’s top studio focused on ballet barre based workouts was founded in 2012 and now has two locations in downtown Toronto. Barre based classes include the signature Barreworks class which uses the ballet barre for a mix of muscle sculpting and cardio, bAAAre which targets the arms, abs, and the other A, and DripBarre for high intensity cardio. The studio also offers yoga, spin, and stretch classes, as well as special workshops and personal training. If you love dance or just want to feel like a dancer, these toning and fitness classes are for you.

Pursuit OCR

Pursuit is Toronto’s first fully indoor obstacle course training centre–meant to test your speed and strength, but also to be fun. The centre offers classes in strength training, conditioning, mobility, and cardio. You can also attend open mat times, where the whole gym is free and open for free use. If you’re interested in more creative activity and strength training, consider checking out pursuit before heading out this summer.

Rocket Cycle Toronto

Located on St Clair Avenue West, Rocket Cycle is a state of the art spinning facility. They offer hour long spin classes that will challenge you and truly make you sweat. You can buy packages ranging from one class at a time to playing for up to 100 at once, and they also have student discounts. Spinning is a classic workout, and will get your energy up and heart pumping.


It’s just what it sounds like; Spynga’s signature class is a combination of cycling and yoga in one hour! This fun and unique mix provides a combination of intense cardio and resistance with stretching and strengthening. The studio also offers pure cycle and pure yoga classes as well as weight classes and circuit training. They also provide workshops for those who want more than the weekly classes and even teacher training. If you enjoy the benefits of both cycling and yoga and don’t want to choose just one, this might be the perfect combo for you.