Glossier is Coming Soon to a Country Near You

Cult beauty brand Glossier announced Wednesday that they are going to start shipping internationally—at long last.

The brand, which started with beauty website Into the Gloss, is known for their sleek packaging, and their “skin first, makeup second” approach.

Since their launch in 2014, the brand has solely been available to customers living in the U.S., with international customers unable to receive the brand’s products.

According to the announcement on Into the Gloss (by brand founder and CEO, Emily Weiss), the move to becoming international will start slowly, with the brand launching later this month in most parts of Canada (sorry, not you yet, Québec), and in the UK sometime after. Finally, France will be seeing Glossier’s launch in 2018.

Glossier has previously explained why they don’t ship internationally in a post on Into the Gloss. The post explains that expanding to become global is easier said than done, especially when expanding means making your brand accessible to customers who speak different languages, and live in different time zones.

Weiss writes, however, that Glossier is going for global. So, hopefully, you’ll be seeing Glossier in your city sometime very soon.