We’re living for Lorde’s “Melodrama”

-It’s finally here, the follow up to the ever popular hit album “Pure Heroine”. Lorde launches herself into summer 17’ with these powerhouse soundtracks that once again exemplify her prodigy status and showcases her expansive fluidity in her music. It’s been four years since her last album release and we still can’t believe that she was 16 years old back then. We want to emphasize the “old” in her age since her first album was very much a mature outtake on relationships, life and love that went beyond the scope of teenage angst and touched on some pretty non age appropriate themes. We feel that with “Melodrama”, Lorde is still addressing mature themes but at a time of experience and understanding rather than an “outsider looking in” kind of perspective. At the helm of this masterpiece sits her new co-writer/producer Jack Antonoff – with most notable collaborations with the likes of Taylor Swift and Fun – he helps to draw out Lorde’s deepest emotions about her lost love. If you’re feeling post break-up vibes, this is definitely the album for you. Along with the dramatic nuances in the record, we’ve noticed Lorde getting in touch with her sexy side – you go girl. In the tracks “Green Light” and “Supercut” she brings forward a combination of subtle sensuality in her newfound rhythmic dance beats and her traditional sound that we’re so fond of. If you’re looking for a heartache track we definitely recommend checking out “Writer in the Dark” as it brings out some of Lorde’s most heart wrenching lyrics and melodic sound. “Liability” is Lorde’s one “ballad-esque” track on the album, including the accompany of simple chords on the piano – this songs gives us a better look at the raw beauty of her voice.
-So as much as we loved “Pure Heroine” in all its successful glory, we feel that “Melodrama” better exemplifies Lorde’s vocal and composition ability while showcasing a lyrical ensemble that makes sense for themes in relation to her age. Her album just came out, but we can’t wait to see what she has coming next – we just hope it doesn’t take 4 years this time (don’t be like Adele, we can’t wait that long).