Dali x Yorkville Village: Art and Fashion Exhibition

Where? 136 Yorkville Road

When? September 7th to 30th 2017

How Much? Free

In a shopping concourse in the midst of Yorkville, the Dali x Yorkville Village exhibit adds light, colour, and interest to the space. The exhibit features two levels of artwork and sculptures by famed artist Salvador Dali, some even available for purchase (if you have thousands to spare). It also features a section dedicated to dresses by a variety of prestigious and talented designers that are inspired by Dali’s artwork.

If you aren’t familiar with the works of the late Dali, you may want to take a look at the art pieces and sculptures before looking at the dresses. It’s an amazing experience to come face to face with these famous statues and paintings. You can really see the painstaking use of detail, shape, and colour. It doesn’t take long to become familiar with recurring motifs, colours, and patterns in his work. It becomes easy to see how fashion designers would be drawn in by these motifs and inspired in their own designs.

The designers that provided the Dali inspired dresses range from the personal designer of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to contemporary pop star fave Moschino. The designers interpret Dali’s work in a variety of ways: from a comical imitation of his famous mustache, to a subtle integration of colour and shape patterns, to a graphic print of some of his most famous image motifs. All of the dresses are unique, beautiful, and demonstrations about how various art forms can inspire one another. If you have the time, take a trip to Yorkville and check out this beautiful and well curated exhibit.