Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation: Art, Fashion and Architecture (Book Review)

Art and fashion are often combined to create the most  fascinating things. Visual arts include, but are not limited to, painting, photography, sculpting, and architecture, as the art of designing and constructing buildings. There have been many debates whether fashion should be considered as a part of arts and culture. One can argue that while people use fashion to express themselves – using their skill and imagination – they can greatly affect others by setting a standard or a trend. And when a trend spreads out worldwide, it becomes a distinctive of time, maybe for just a week or a month, but maybe for a whole decade or more.

There is no doubt that Louis Vuitton has been one of the most (if not the most) recognizable brands in global fashion for the past few decades. The Louis Vuitton monogram is almost like a symbol of luxury and haute couture, which makes it so desirable. But not many see another side of the multi-billion fashion brand – the side which speaks to architecture and art. With a countless number of different creative collaborations with artists, photographers, architects, and, of course, designers, each of them contributing to the legacy and development of this iconic brand, Louis Vuitton’s commitment to the arts is truly astounding. The book ‘Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation: Art, Fashion and Architecture‘ showcases more than eighty collaborations and how they left their mark in the fashion history. Among most well-known artists, architects and designers presented in the book, we can highlight Marc Jacobs, Supreme, Steven Meisel, Zaha Hadid, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, and Yayoi Kusama.

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

Among the most recent ones are collaborations with Nicolas Ghesquière, Frank Gehry and Jeff Koons, who you can read the interview with in this book.

Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons

Now with 536 pages, this 2017 edition features more than 130 pages of high quality new imagery that showcases the increasingly symbiotic relationship between fashion, art, and architecture. The informational, insightful, and quite educational text about the brand in the past few decades is exactly what any fashion and art lover would need. Very close relationship between Louis Vuitton and art has developed into brilliant art works embodied in fashion pieces. Not only does the book talk about fashion, it also gives us examples of how every Louis Vuitton building turns out to become an architectural achievement. Such architecture experts as Frank Gehry, Kengo Kuma, Jun Aoki & Associates, designed some of the brand’s most famous stores. Outdoor advertising is very important for luxury brands, as they represent its premier qualities. And in the book ‘Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation: Art, Fashion and Architecture‘ you can find a lot of interesting facts and photos of the most beautiful designs ever created by Louis Vuitton.

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Contributions by: Jill Gasparina, Emmanuel Hermange, Taro Igarashi, Marie Le Fort, Ian Luna, Marie Maertens, Rebecca Mead, Cédric Morisset, Glenn O’Brien, Olivier Saillard, Valerie Steele & Philippe Trétiack.
Louis Vuitton x André
Louis Vuitton x Supreme
Louis Vuitton in Singapore