Book Review: ‘Fashion Forward: 300 Years of Fashion’

Title: Fashion Forward: 300 Years of Fashion

Authors: Pierré Berge, Olivier Gabet, Pamela Golbin, Denis Bruna

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications, Incorporated, 2017

The Musée des Arts Décoratifs is one of the most iconic Parisian museums, celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. This year, to the delight of all fashion, art, and history lovers, it has published an incredible book ‘Fashion Forward: 300 Years of Fashion’, illustrated with photos of different garments starting from 1690 to contemporary pieces of 2015.

The peculiarity of this book is that it will be interesting not only to connoisseurs of fashion, but also to general public, not related to the world of fashion. Every reader will have a chance to learn something new about people, events, clothing development in different epochs, both, from the female and male points of view. The book encompasses not only beautiful photos of true masterpieces from the Fashion and Textile collections, but also represents an educational tool, from a historical standpoint. You can feel the atmosphere of every decade by looking at these silhouettes, forms, features of cuts, drawings and fabrics of the last few centuries. It also features famous photographs from the Photo collections. This book includes the dresses and outfits of such famous couturiers, as Gabrielle Chanel, Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, and many more others. These designers have had a huge impact on fashion and its development, as well as the society as a whole. The influence of fashion on the consciousness of people is quite large. One can say that fashion is not just clothing, it is also a lifestyle.

The book ‘Fashion Forward: 300 years of Fashion’ gives us the opportunity to delve into the various fashion trends, associated with changes in the course of history, as well as its interaction with fine art and the decorative arts. It represents an invaluable treasure trove of fashion masterpieces and innovations over three centuries of our existence, brought to you by The Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Evening Gown, Spring/Summer 1996
Comme des Garçons, Spring/Summer 2015
Cristóbal Balenciaga, Evening Ensemble, Autumn/Winter 1961-1962